Cold Sores 101

I kicked my latest cold sore’s ass, and I couldn’t be more proud!  I don’t think I’ve ever won that battle before!  I’ve learned how to maintain and minimize my cold sores, but never, ever, have I completely obliterated it before it could destroy my mouth!

My very first cold sore aptly appeared when I was a freshman in high school.  I guess my body wanted to make sure I maintained my uncool status, ‘cause I can think of nothing more embarrassing in high school than mouth herpes.  There was no hiding that sucker either!  Overnight, I developed a huge sore that took up the entire left side of my bottom lip.  Being a Plain Jane, it wasn’t like I could hide it behind some dark lipstick either.  I just had to grin and bear it.  Well, more like just bear it.  If I so much as cracked the tiniest smile, I risked blood or pus pouring down my chin.  Sorry, you can go vomit now; I’ll wait.

Anyway, back then, all I could do was put globs of Campho-Phenique on it, and cross my fingers that it’d be gone in the morning.  Of course, cold sores take their sweet ass time to clear, so I would usually have to deal with its ever-changing stages for at least two weeks.  For those of you who’ve never had a cold sore, it usually starts with an itch or burning sensation on your lip, which then transforms into a bubble of liquid.  You could let that bubble pop on its own over time, but no one ever does that.  It’s gonna pop the second your sandwich bread rubs its sandpapery surface across it, so might as well avoid that disgusting mess and take care of it yourself at home.  At this stage, it’s really not too bad.  I mean, you might have this nasty loose piece of skin resting on your lip, but if you apply chapstick regularly, it’s hardly noticeable.  That is, until the next morning.  By then, blood has come to the surface and a beautiful, purplish black scab has manifested itself on your lip.  For me, the scabbing was the worst!

As soon as I started talking, I could feel the scab ripping and tearing, and with a quick lick of my tongue, I would verify that blood was oozing out of it.  It’s not like I could wear a bandaid on my lip, so as soon as it bled, I’d pop my lip in my mouth and keep sucking on it until the bleeding stopped.  Many times, this resulted in the scab being sucked off and digested.

Anyway, once you let the scab heal and fall off on its own, it’s over.  Unfortunately for me, since I kept eating my scabs, a big, circular, cratered, scar appeared on my bottom lip.  (That scar is the reason why, to this day, I still gnaw on my bottom lip. Oh! And I gnawed on it so much in high school that I can’t even get cold sores on that spot anymore, so I consider it a win.)

I still get cold sores every now and again (nowadays on the left side of my upper lip).  As I mentioned, I’m usually pretty good at keeping them small and somewhat unnoticeable, but this time, I beat my cold sore, and I wanted to share how I did it in case any of you suffer from this.  However, this post is reaching my blog entry length limit, so I’ll have to share my cold sore busting secrets with you tomorrow!  Bwahahaha!  Stay tuned!

**UPDATED**  To read on how I beat my cold sore, click on the following link: How to Get Rid of a Cold Sore


7 thoughts on “Cold Sores 101

  1. Hmm… That is very interesting information. I’m counting it as my “something new” for the day.

    I’ve never had a cold sore, but I must admit that I am the same way with pimples/zits. I cannot STAND those things and would rather walk around with a scab on my face than something that looks like it’s going to open up and cover you in it’s digestive juices just to suck you up and consume you. Much like a venus fly-trap on your face.
    Minus the whole eating the scab part though. I’ve never been one to do that. Perhaps I haven’t been hungry enough?
    Although, the scab leads me to another problem: I hate scabs. It’s a vicious cycle, and it’s amazing that my face is not filled with scars and craters from it.
    *sigh* Someday, I’ll be a real boy and Gepetto will love me as if I were his own… Or I’ll stop picking at things on my face.

    • hahaha! While scabs are definitely better than a gross pimple, I can’t stand them either! Even when I think I’m being conscious about not scratching them off, I end up finding a freshly scratched off scab. Like now. On my left arm. I don’t even know why there WAS a scab on my left arm, but it’s not there now!

  2. Oooh, what a tease! Looking forward to your cold sore remedies…. And thank you for giving me my fill of scab eating and pus drippage for the day. I was worried I wouldn’t reach my quota.

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  4. That was funny. Loved the graphic explanations. I never really had cold sores, just zits. One time I had zits on each side of my chin, just below the corners of my lip. I could touch both of the zits with my canines and kept doing that all day in 7th grade, trying to cover them up. When I got home and looked at myself doing it in the mirror I realized that I looked like a buck-toothed moron….which is a great look for 8th grade. No wonder no boys ever liked me.

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