pStyle Giveaway!!

So, remember when I went on and on about my new found ability to stand and pee using the pStyle?  If not, you should go read my awesome review HERE, and join 112 others in viewing my actual urine (don’t worry; you won’t automatically see my pee by clicking on that link…you’ll get to make that choice on your own once you’re there…I’m not totally gross.)

Well, the founder of the company that promotes the pStyle, read my review, loved it, and gave me TWO free pStyle’s to give away on my blog!  I’ve been itching to give these away for a while now, so I’m glad things are finally in place to allow me to do so. ::cough:: Google killed my blog ::cough:: I made the time consuming (but worth it) transfer over to WordPress ::cough::

Colors to choose from if you win: Blue, Clear, Pink, Purple, Green, or Orange

So without further ado, here are the giveaway instructions!

1. Leave a comment on my blog telling me where you’re most looking forward to peeing while using your pStyle.  Or if you are trying to win this for someone else, tell me why you feel that person really needs a pStyle and what their reaction will be upon receiving it.

2. Make sure you leave a working email in the comments form so that I can contact you if you win. Don’t worry, your email will only be viewable to me, and I will only use it to contact you if you are a winner.

3. The last day to leave comments will be this Friday, October 26th, at 3:00pm PST.  After the 3pm PST cut-off, I will do a random drawing of two names.  Check back at on October 26th after 3 pm PST to see if you are a winner! (FYI, you’re all winners in my eyes, but only two of you can win a pStyle from me.)

Good luck, and be sure to tell your friends about this giveaway!

UPDATED: Winners have been announced!

You can also buy a pStyle through me by choosing your color and clicking the button below:


Orange $10.00 USD
Blue $10.00 USD
Green $10.00 USD
Purple $10.00 USD
Pink $10.00 USD
Clear $10.00 USD


17 thoughts on “pStyle Giveaway!!

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  2. I would use this during beaks at Ultimate Frisbee games. Some times those park restrooms are gross and I’d much rather just go in the bushes…. oh wait, I’m a guy. Shoot, I can already do that. Ok… so, I would give the pStyle away in a raffle at my one year anniversary frisbee game.

  3. If i were to win a Pstyle i would commit myself to using it regularly and unnecessarily. Home, work, gym and local bar situations where i could probably squat. I believe in Pequality.

  4. If I won this amazing invention for women I’d use it at the many outdoor concerts I go to. This means no more closing my eyes as Alex guides me into the Men’s restroom. The Women’s lines are always ridiculous!

    After spending time in a deeply muslim area with those wonky sunken-toilets with foot treads above them, I can honestly say I’d be a happy woman to not have to worry about squatting ever again (except for rare occasions for bragging rights). Please tell me you have fun messing with people with this– standing to pee at public restrooms, etc.

    • I think everyone who has the opportunity, should attempt the squat over the hole…but after the first time, I’d imagine the novelty is gone, and then it’s just a nuisance.

      I have yet to mess around with people, but my brother mentioning park bathrooms made me remember that the one I frequent has no doors! I SO have to pee in one of those stalls using the pStyle while other women walk into the restroom!

  6. I have dreamed of writing my name in the snow since I first saw the beautiful stuff, and winter is-a-comin! I’d pee outside while hiking, on long road trips, and best of all, in all the public toilets in the world without touching a thing!

  7. I don’t really do anything that would necessitate using a pStyle with any regularity. However after reading your blog entry about it and now seeing this giveaway I JUST WANT ONE SO BAD!

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