Zombie On My Mind…Still

With the return of The Walking Dead, I can’t help but constantly have zombie on my mind.  I’ve already mused on my blog about what sort of zombie I’d become, yet still, the other day, I was thinking about possible scenarios that might play out in the case that I actually live through most of the zombie apocalypse.


Me:  If we live through the zombie apocalypse, and it reaches a point where we are completely surrounded with no way out, I think we should just turn ourselves into zombies.

Greg:  I like how this conversation started with, “If we live through the zombie apocalypse…”

Me:  I know I’ve told you before to just shoot me, but now I have a better plan.

Greg: (smiles amusingly while getting up and walking into the kitchen)

Me:  (follows him into the kitchen) Let’s say our apartment is boarded up, with zombies trying to break in.  We could just stick our arms out, get bitten, and wait to be zombified.  That way, by the time they get in, they won’t be able to eat us because we’ll already have turned.

Greg:  Being you, if you stuck your arm out, it would just get torn off.

Me:  True.  So maybe I can just stick a finger out…

Greg:  …to get bit off.

Me:  Or better yet! When their arms squeeze through one of the cracks in the boards, we can stick our arms just within their reach so that they can only scratch us!  Then we just sit back, and wait to turn into zombies.

Greg:  Yeah, and be stuck in our apartment not eating brains.

Me:  Exactly!  So when they come out with the cure, we’ll never have ingested humans.

Greg:  When the CDC finally busts into our apartment, they’ll find two zombies sitting down playing video games.


That’s why I love him.  He might tease at first, but at the end of the day, he’ll talk real zombie strategy with me.


4 thoughts on “Zombie On My Mind…Still

  1. Oh my gawd, I LOVE The Walking Dead! You know what I’ve always wondered though? Who the hell is cutting the grass during all of this? Do they have vegan zombies that go around munching it all down because they still refuse to eat flesh? I can’t imagine a much worse conundrum. Not wanting to eat brains, yet everything inside you is always saying “braaaaaaainnnnnnssss…” and there’s no way to shut it up because you’re brain-dead and just need to eat.

    • hahahaha!! I’m totally on board with the vegan zombie theory! Greg is pretty adamant that I’ll be a mild zombie chewing on daffodils, so I bet that’s it. Or! Those zombies with no legs, forced to drag themselves around? Totally primed for grass munching.

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