Back in the Boot

While yesterday’s election caused me some anxiety, it was additionally topped with worry about my ankle, as the date coincided with my one-month check-up.  I’m four weeks into my platelet rich plasma therapy on my torn ankle tendon.  Results can’t be certain for two months, and I’ve got another four weeks to go, but I’m no longer feeling too hopeful that this procedure will work for me.  Fortunately (unfortunately) for me, I’m unemployed, so I can give my ankle all the rest it needs and then some!  However, I honestly feel that there has been no improvement, and if possible, my ankle might be worse.  It has been in a state of constant, mild pain for the last month, and yesterday, my doctor ordered me back into my dreaded boot cast.

So, this is happening again.

So, this is happening again.

I’m not looking forward to the dependency that the wearing of this boot creates, but I’ve got to say, I felt instant relief once it was strapped securely to my lower leg.  Last night, for the first time in weeks, I fell asleep pain-free and was able to lay my foot in any position without fear of discomfort.  I have a love-hate relationship with this boot, and I’m currently in the honeymoon stage.  I’m sure these feelings will grow cold in the not so distant future, and I’d like to make a list of the positives behind being stuck in a boot for weeks, so I have something to look back on to feel better about my situation.  So here they are:

Reasons Why Being Stuck in a Boot is Awesome:

  1. My sock laundry is cut in half.
  2. I can pretend to be Lady Sybil Crawley as my smart and handsome Branson (Greg) chauffeurs me around town.
  3. I have a valid reason for not showering everyday.
  4. My toes are always warm.
  5. I can wear my one pair of skinny jeans as many days in a row as I want.
  6. The bowls on the top shelf are now within my standing reach.
  7. Confined to my apartment, I can watch hours of television guilt free.
  8. I’m pretty sure I could crack a zombie’s skull with this thing if it came down to it.

If you have any other positives behind wearing a boot cast, feel free to share them with me!


8 thoughts on “Back in the Boot

  1. I think you hit most of the positives. I like #8 especially. That really is an awesome one.
    Can you get handicapped parking with that thing? Or if you get on a bus/subway, maybe somebody will get out of the seating for the disabled for you. But, don’t hold your breath – I was on crutches years ago and got on the subway to go home from work and I was in a LOT of pain. The subway was crowded and those suckers sitting in those chairs meant for handicapped people just sat there staring at me. I didn’t cry until I got home.

    • I wish I could get handicapped parking! Instead, I’ll just be one of those annoying lazy people who have their significant others pull up to the front of the building and stop traffic to let me out. And I can’t believe people didn’t get up for you in the subway! That’s horrible!

  2. This is the same exact way I feel about my wrist brace. The first few days are tolerable because the pain has almost vanished.
    Then the honeymoon is over and suddenly it’s leaving the bathroom door open during it’s morning dumper and not even bothering to turn on the fan.

    Hopefully this treatment works for you and you can be rid of that blasted thing once and for all!

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